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Stadiums aren’t just about sports. They are also about team spirit, sponsorship, and outside events, such as concerts. Make sure that every message you have to communicate with spectators pops, regardless of content.

Thomas Printworks can make this happen. We supply you with the best of the best when it comes to printed graphics, digital signage, vehicle wraps, wall graphics, and other stadium graphics solutions. We’ll work with you to make the display that’s perfect for your needs and help you decide the right materials to produce your visuals to your specifications.

Dynamic Digital Signage

Take your stadium’s technology to the next level with dynamic digital signage. Engage and excite spectators with vibrant video walls, live video feeds, screens displaying current advertisements, sales, promotions, and much more. Take advantage of motion and powerful images to catch the interest of your spectators and keep them engaged with your message.

Give yourself ultimate flexibility and attraction with digital concession menu boards that can change based on your specifications. Switch the menu automatically based on outside temperature, status of the game, current stadium event, or other triggers. Update prices from a database based on promotions or other specifications.

Digital sign
  • Wall graphic
  • Wall graphic
  • Wall graphic
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Wall Graphics

Celebrate a win, advertise a sponsor, or generate team spirit in both large and small scales by applying graphics to your stadium’s walls. Generate large-scale buzz that is sure to be seen by pedestrians and vehicular traffic with larger-than-life wallscapes that can be applied both in and outside of the stadium. Provide eye-catching wall graphics inside the stadium through the use of vinyl column wraps, custom wall murals, dimensional lettering, and many other printing solutions. Any of these stadium graphic solutions can be customized to fit the needs of your sports venue.

Bleacher and Stair Graphics

Make a bold visual statement, maximize sponsor’s advertising impact and generate team spirit by implementing bleacher and stair graphics into your stadium. The large square footage of these two areas provides the perfect space to convey a large advertising message, simulate a stadium full of packed seats, or provide a colorful backdrop in the home team’s colors.

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Floor Graphics

Put your message at the feet of your spectators. Floor graphics help get your message across in a fun and creative way. Whether you need an entire walkway filled with eye-catching graphics, directional arrows pointing towards different sections of the stadium, or just a few decals placed in strategic areas, we can help. These full-color, self-adhesive, permanent or removable floor graphics can adhere to almost any smooth surface, including concrete. Once printed, floor graphics can be contour-cut to any shape or size.

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Printed Signage and Banners

Make a big impression with full color printed signage and banners when advertising a sponsor’s message, generating team spirit, or directing spectators around the stadium. With the capacity to feature full color photos and graphics, your stadium’s message will feature details that are truly larger than life.

Advertisements, images, and announcements can be printed and placed nearly everywhere in the stadium, from stadium banners to field wall banners, fence banners to sponsor signage. Banners can even be placed on poles and bowflags for maximum viewing impact.

Colorful printed signage can even inform spectators where they can find the concession stands, restrooms, exits and entrances, and the various sections of the stadium, making for an easier time getting through the stadium and less spectator traffic jams and frustration.

  • Window graphics
  • Window graphics
  • Window graphics

Window Graphics

We can produce colorful window display graphics that will attract attention to sponsor’s advertising messages and generate team spirit through the use of colors and images. Window graphics are a very cost-effective way to supply your stadium with eye-catching visuals and utilize your existing space for the messages you want to be delivered to your spectators.

Vehicle Graphics

Take your team’s image, sponsors’ advertising, and upcoming event announcements on the road with vehicle graphics. A simple message or image can be applied on the side panels of the vehicle or can cover the entire vehicle to maximize your message; the choice is up to you. Virtually any image can be reproduced for vehicle wraps that withstand the weather and show off your team, stadium, sponsors, or upcoming events.