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The Visualogistix Branded Marketing Portal

The Visualogistix Branded Marketing Portal gives you complete control of your marketing content while still allowing for local market customization. Our flexible interface makes it easy for both corporate marketing management and local management to get what they need when they need it. The result: a marketing asset management portal designed to match your brand with unlimited number of users, unlimited number of products and multiple payment options; total brand control with local flexibility.

Branded marketing portals

Location Profiling – enables the user to only see products that can be ordered based on their location. With the ability to set the designated number of windows, doors, tables, racks, etc. for each location, the order process is simplified, especially on promotional roll-outs.

Approvals & Limits – gives Corporate administrators the ability to set up approval processes for orders, ensuring content entered by the users is compliant with brand standards. You can also set order limits, such as spending or quantity limits, that can apply to all orders or only to specific products.

Menu Management – simplifies your menu ordering process by retaining location specific pricing and selection. With the ability to store all menu items, calorie counts and pricing for application to print or digital on the portal, your menu ordering process becomes a breeze.

Cross Media Marketing – allows end users to easily order corporate approved email and direct mail marketing campaigns for their local store marketing needs. Once ordered, these users can customize their campaigns (based on your pre-approved template) to meet their local market needs.

Ad Builder – Local users can customize advertisements for the size needed for unique qpplications. Your artwork elements will adjust to fit your intended height and width selections, while still maintaining the same look, feel, and clarity.

International Support – allows for multiple language and currency support, as well as international shipping support.

Digital Asset Management – provides approved users access to your stock images for easy download and artwork creation.

Digital Signage – easily integrate your marketing materials with our digital signage solution through the Visualogistix Portal. Our digital signage solution easily allows for the local customization of your digital menu boards, signage, and displays. In addition, we can provide reliable hardware and installation for all your digital signage needs.

Third Party Supplier – provides site users the opportunity to order third party materials, such as uniforms or other specialized supplies, seamlessly through the Visualogistix portal. You work directly with your suppliers for pricing and service agreements; we facilitate the ordering and payment through the portal.

Single Sign-On Integration – Seamlessly connect your corporate intranet with your Visualogistix portal. With the click of your mouse, you can move between the two without ever feeling like you are on two different websites. Or use a Vanity URL to utilize your brand consistent web address to your network of users.

Marketing Execution

Before we set up your program, we work to fully understand your objectives in order to provide you the greatest possible return on your investment. Your strategic objective then becomes the foundation for all our work to ensure consistent development and execution of messages, images, colors, digital content, etc. while allowing for local market and promotional flexibility.

Once your strategic objectives are clearly defined, the Visualogistix creative team, design personnel, and programming staff implement the best solution to reach your goals.

Marketing ideas
Local graphics

Brand Compliance with Local Flexibility

Once your strategy is defined, the Visualogistix web portal helps ensure consistent execution. Our solution allows local markets to customize materials within your guidelines or lets you push your campaigns out to the system efficiently. All while enforcing your brand standards.

The Visualogistix branded marketing portal reduces the time it takes to order marketing materials by up to 70%.

Source: Thomas Printworks clients

Customization – With Control

Visualogistix technology makes it easy for you to get extreme flexibility with complete control. Every deliverable is executed based on your strategic direction and brand requirements. At the same time, we can customize for franchisees, departments, branch offices, or any other need.

Customization can be delivered in several ways:

Content – Local leaders can customize content such as names, titles, addresses, phone numbers, store hours, pricing, etc. to meet local needs. We can even localize to multiple languages. All these changes can be made quickly and easily, without any time consuming redesign, regardless of whether the content is in print or used on a digital display.

Design – You can designate design elements for local managers to customize, including typefaces, images (from options you authorize), and finish size.

Output – You can provide options such as the type of material used in the finished print product, enable electronic downloads, or push to your digital displays.

All of these customizations are possible based on your specifications. You get complete control over who can request changes and which changes individuals can or cannot make for each deliverable.

Content Management

Consistency is vital. We help maintain consistency in your content, regardless of the form it takes.

Print Content Management allows you control over all your print material – from the smallest business card to the largest sign or display – with consistency to your messages. You’re in charge; we ensure the content stays true to your brand.

Digital Content Management ensures the messages in your digital displays stays within your guidelines. The flexibility of digital displays comes with the risk of rogue messaging; we help you keep that under control.

Digital Asset Management provides a central location for all your templates, marketing assets, visuals, etc. No one in the organization needs to wonder what the current version of anything is anymore because we keep your latest updates in one easy-to-find place.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics give you instant access to key usage data through your Visualogistix portal. You can easily see information such as:

User Data – how many users are in your system, how many are ordering, and who has placed orders.

Product Information – which products have been ordered and which are not being ordered.

Inventory – what quantities of each product are in stock at the warehouse, how much space is being used by inventory and the value of the inventory.

Order Fulfillment – how many orders have shipped, where orders have shipped, what products were in each order.

Custom Reports – reports can be created to help you analyze additional important business requirements.

System Integrations

Visualogistix makes it easy for you to integrate with standard web commerce tools, including:

CRM Integration – The Visualogistix CRM Connect feature allows you to share data between your existing CRM and the Visualogistix portal.

Partner Order Fulfillment – Visualogistix can integrate with other providers, making it easy to order products from your existing vendors through the Visualogistix portal.

Point-of-Sale Integration – Visualogistix technology provides integration with your POS solution to provide location specific information on your digital displays. Allowing menus and price boards to adjust immediately based on location preferences, inventory, and other key decision data.

Single Sign-On Integration – Visualogistix can integrate with your existing web application and allow for a single sign-on between the two systems, allowing users to easily access the Visualogistix portal from your intranet or extranet.

Data Source Integration – Visualogistix can pull information from existing databases to generate addresses for mail campaigns based on your criteria or for use in your digital displays.

Data Feeds – Visualogistix increases your interactivity with your customers by integrating content from social media, RSS feeds, web content, and more into your digital displays.

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