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The last mile can often be the most critical. With fulfillment locations in key national markets and a network of professional installers, we can make sure the final delivery of your programs is met according to your critical timeline and cost parameters. And our support staff is available throughout the process for you, your staff or any of your network users.

Warehouse & Inventory Management

You’ve probably seen it. Rooms filled with outdated material that keeps getting pushed farther back to make room for new stuff. It doesn’t take long for the space and the inventory to become unmanageable. Tap into Thomas Printworks' warehousing and inventory management services to eliminate this problem. We store your materials, keep track of the inventory, and ensure you get up-to-date materials when and where you need them.

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Secure, Climate Controlled Warehouse Space – We match your needs for security with warehouses with standard locks and security to high security environments with video monitoring, and product chain-of-custody tracking. Even materials sensitive to heat, cold or humidity are safe in our carefully climate controlled warehouses.

Multiple Warehouse Locations – With warehouses across the United States, Thomas Printworks can store your materials where it makes distribution fast and easy for you. This helps reduce costs and ensure on-time delivery.

Inventory Management – The easy-to-use Visualogistix portal makes it a snap to know how much inventory you have available at any given moment.

Serial Number Tracking – We keep track of your serialized products down to what serial numbers are in inventory, who ordered, when they ordered, and where they were delivered.

Produce-on-Demand and Inventory Picking – If your product is to be produced on-demand or requires inventory to be held, we can manage it for you. To make sure your product is always available, you can set standards for automated notifications or re-order points when inventory reaches your designated level.

Obsolescence is one of the most serious challenges to Marketing Operations as it undermines budget and operations.

Source: CMO Council report on Achieving Marketing Supply Chain Effectiveness

Kitting & Packaging

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Kitting & Packaging services let you specify how items should be packaged together. We produce, purchase, or receive the items, assemble the kits or packages according to specifications, and deliver to your locations, reducing your workload.

Pre-built Kitting – When you have repeated needs for the same set of materials, we can build the kits in advance and distribute them according to your directions.

Kitting on Demand – You provide Thomas Printworks with your kit specifications, then we build them as they are ordered according to your specifications.

Custom Kits – When you need customized kits for special events, we build the kits according to your specifications when you need them. This allows you to customize with location information or include different items in kits. You can even set up a kit template and allow your portal users to customize a kit to fit their needs. Then we distribute the kits when and where you need them.

Barcode Enabled Process – Thomas Printworks' processes allow for kit products to be selected and verified via bar code, allowing for greater speed and accuracy in your final kits.

Distribution Management

Thomas Printworks gets you everything you need when and where you need it. Our network of partners allows for cost effective distribution to virtually anywhere around the world.

Tracking – All shipments are barcoded for end-to-end tracking of your shipments. You’ll know where your shipment is every step of the way so there are no surprises.

On-time Delivery – Our distribution network and tracking procedures ensure products are received on time and as expected, giving you the predictability you need.

Global Distribution Network – Thomas Printworks partners with distribution networks around the globe to ensure we can get your products wherever they need to be on time.

Partner Management

Sometimes your marketing collateral requires a wide variety of service providers. Thomas Printworks can help manage these partners to create a more seamless implementation of your marketing deliverables.

Existing Partner Coordination – We can work with your existing partners to coordinate shipments – either to our warehouse for fulfillment or directly from their facility – and track each step through the Visualogistix portal.

Brand Support Partners – We will work closely with your existing contractors and partners, such as graphic designers, ad agencies, photographers, etc. – to ensure consistency and coordination for all your product development.

Apparel Partners – Thomas Printworks has extensive experience working with apparel manufacturers and decorators for screen printing, embroidery, and other imaging to meet your needs. We can work with your existing partners or find the perfect fit for your apparel needs.

Other Product Partners – Whatever products you need -- pens, Frisbees, flashlights, or anything else you can imagine – chances are good we’ve worked with partners who produce them and can make sure they are just right.

Marketing fulfillment is the final step in the creative cycle from idea to local market, delivering increased returns on creative spend.

Source: Gartner Report – Last Mile of MRM

Installation Management

Getting your point of purchase displays, window graphics, custom wall coverings, digital displays, and vehicle graphics installed and working perfectly can be a challenge. We have a national network of professional installers and an internal team to manage the scheduling and product distribution and make sure it happens exactly how and when you want it.

Project Coordination – Our experience with store openings, retail rollouts, special promotions, and more means we know how to manage the details required to make everything perfect. Whether installing printed or digital displays and signs or refreshing your fleet vehicle graphics, we’ll manage the installation with precision.

Qualified Installation Professionals – Our national network for professional installers gives you access to both print and digital installation expertise wherever your offices are located. Whether you’re installation includes a single location or a global network, we provide peace of mind that the work will be done right.

Service & Support

Support is only a phone call, web chat or email away for your corporate office, franchisees or store managers. The Thomas Printworks Client Support Center is staffed with knowledgeable experts available to help your team members get the answers or help they need with issues such as login help, order status, or any problem resolution. Our support staff will work to ensure the products delivered through the Visualogistix program meet your expectations. We also provide monitoring of digital displays to ensure the right information gets displayed at the right time and get you back online quickly in following outages.

You can access support through a general toll-free number or we can create a customized toll-free number where calls are answered using your company’s name, allowing for a higher level of branding. Our support experts are also on-line to chat with portal users during their order process and will respond to e-mailed support requests.

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