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Direct Mail Works!

Thomas Printworks puts your message and brand directly in the hands – and in front of the eyes – of your important customers. Our services include list acquisition and management, as well as print production of newsletters, postcards, and mailers. We can even handle shipping through the U.S. Postal office inside our facility. All aspects of your campaign can be personalized for each recipient, and results are analyzed so you can make adjustments to your marketing strategy as needed.

Our marketing expertise and our access to resources provide the direct contact that increases awareness and bolsters sales. Whether a simple letter, a colorful flyer, or an entire packet of information, we can help turn your direct mail ideas into excellent results. We are committed to your success and providing the very best service possible.

Key Elements of Direct Mail

Personalized Mail – Speak directly to each customer with printed pieces that include custom information unique to each recipient.

Image Personalization – Personalize images in campaign materials using data provided by the client to maximize impact.

Dynamic Mapping – Create personalized maps to guide customers to your locations based on customer data.

List Management – The most important part of a direct mail campaign is the list of recipients. We can scrub your list to ensure you reach your targeted market.

Seamless Acceptance – Mail verification and acceptance is automated, resulting in a more streamlined and efficient mailout, with much more control over the mail release schedule.

Mail Tracking – Drive better performance across business operations by knowing exactly where all your direct mail pieces are throughout the delivery process.

Want to Take Direct Mail Further?

Check out our Direct Response Marketing service, which combines Direct Mail with the power of social media and powerful analytics.

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