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Marketing that Evokes a Response

Direct mail is still the best way to bring attention to your organization, even when contacting millennial audiences. Along with web, social media, and email, our innovative solution covers every step.

Your marketing campaigns are designed to attract potential customers and lead them to do something. You want them to respond immediately and take action: place an order, opt into an email list, follow a social media account, make a phone call to find out more information, or be directed to a webpage.

As the premier provider of direct response marketing, we work with clients to develop and execute creative, impactful, and highly responsive campaigns. Our Direct Response Marketing solution simplifies the entire process and makes life easier for our clients. We are fast, flexible, and dedicated to your success.

You can enhance the results of direct mail campaigns by an average of 23-46% through integrated marketing strategies.

These campaigns contain many moving parts, including direct mail (postcards, self-mailers, letters), web, social media, email, mobile, and in-store elements. We help you coordinate and keep track of these pieces, maintaining consistent messaging and graphics across every phase and component. Our solution also offers features like call tracking, mail tracking, Informed Delivery® by USPS, web based re-targeting ads, and more.

As a one-stop provider, we are committed to delivering optimal quality, a painless experience, and complete satisfaction to you and your organization. We find innovative ways to adapt to your unique needs and accomplish the impossible. You can count on us for superior service, excellence, and integrity, anytime and with any project.

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Key Elements of Direct Response Marketing

Strategy Development – We will work with your team to understand your unique audience, develop the right campaign to produce the results you are looking for.

List Acquisition – Let us help you get your message to the right people. Using the right list to get your message out is critical to the success of your campaigns.

Customer Analysis – Our Customer Analysis process will help get a clear picture who your current customers are allowing you then to target a look alike audience of prospects.

Targeted – Each advertisement is designed for specific prospects within a narrow target market, defined by vertical, geographic zone, or niche market.

Direct Mail – Our direct mail services include print production of your mail pieces and the logistics of getting your mail to our audience quickly and seamlessly.

Mail Tracking – Be prepared for new calls and online leads by knowing exactly when your mailing campaign is hitting mailboxes.

Call Tracking – Get access to live updates and recordings of every call you’ve received as a result of your direct mail campaign.

Informed Delivery® – With Informed Delivery® integration, your mailing piece will be accompanied by a full color, clickable ad within the grayscale email preview sent by the USPS. You will also be able to track where Informed Delivery® emails have been opened (geographically)!

Social Match – Match your mailing list with your Facebook® and Instagram® user accounts. Your target market will not only receive the mailing, but will be delivered the same message on their social feeds, even before they visit your website online.

Online Follow-Up – If a prospect leaves your website without taking action, your ads will show up throughout the Google® Network directing them back to your website.

Social Media Follow-Up – Keep your follow-up ads in front of your prospects even when they’re scrolling through their newsfeed on Facebook and Instagram.

LEADMatch – Receive a list of who came to your website from the mailing list and what actions they took. With LEADMatch, you can mail to unique visitors who visited your website, even if they weren’t on the mailing list! Finally, true attribution for a direct mail campaign!

Measure & Report – Based on the tracking data, we can then measure the effectiveness of each advertisement or component based on sales and return on investment.

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