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Our Commitment to You

Thomas Printworks is committed to the health and safety of our customers and employees. Read more about the actions we are taking to ensure that safety here.


A Blueprint for Reopening

As social distancing becomes our new normal, having the right blueprint to reopen safely is important. No matter the industry, there will be many changes required to implement safe business practices moving forward. From the way you welcome employees and guests in your lobby to how people move throughout the building, things will be different.

Thomas Printworks has developed a blueprint to help you safely reopen your offices. This blueprint includes a series of signage, floor graphics and other items to help inform your employees and guests and guide the flow of foot traffic throughout your building.

All the items in this guide are available in a variety of sizes and materials. Additional adjustments can be made to match your brand, including color changes and the addition of your logo. Let our team of professionals help you with the right signage throughout your facility.

Personal desktop barrier

Personal Desktop Barriers

These all-plastic corrugated barriers are ideal for school and educational use. Built to fit most standard school desks, they are available in 1- or 3-window configurations, in a variety of sizes.

Minimum order quantity: 25 barriers
Single Window
SMALL - 20" × 20"
$26 each
LARGE - 23" × 24"
$29 each
Fully sanitizable and reusable!
Triple Window
SMALL - 20" × 20"
$35 each
MEDIUM - 20" × 24"
$38 each
LARGE - 23" × 24"
$42 each

Making the Transition to Curbside Carryout

Thomas Printworks is here to help your restaurant make the transition to curbside carryout with banners, A-frames, yard signs, updated carryout menus, flyers and more. Give us a call today and find out how we can keep your restaurant running smoothly during the current health crisis.

Employee with food bag

Protect Your Health Signage Set

Remind your employees and visitors of new health protocols with this set of colorful posters. The set is available in two color choices, in English or Spanish, and includes:

  • 4 - Protect Your Health Posters (30" × 42")
  • 4 - Sanitization Station Signs (11" × 17")
  • 6 - Wash Your Hands Signs (11" × 17")
Order a set today at
  • Protect Your Health signage
  • Protect Your Health signage
  • Protect Your Health signage
  • Protect Your Health signage
Package left by door

Contactless Delivery

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we want to make sure that our customers have safe ways of continuing normal business with us. We now offer, as an additional precaution, offering contactless delivery when requested. Thus, if you would like your Thomas delivery driver to drop off your order at your door or outside of your office, you can specifically request this in your order.